Looking Forward to PHPCamp 2010

PHP Camp 2010 a most awaited event in Indian php community for 09, but because of swine flue it was postponed and now its going to held on 9th Jan 2010. What is actually PHPCamp? I was also having this question last year before I actually attended. Its a good way to communicate your thoughts in an un-conferenced manner. At the same time you are going to listen and learn some good new web concepts and refresh some old one also :).

Last year on 20th Sep 08 it was first held in Pune and it was a huge successful event I had ever seen. Even after heavy rain peoples were coming like flood and finally 700 peoples turned up after registration of some 1500, this was a big count for any un-conferenced held till now. Some of the very good session I had attended was open social given by Praveen Nirmal and Sebastiaan Deckers.

This year still the venue is not decided till now but PHPCamp is having some very good response from the community and sponsors also. Why any one needs to attend it this time because you will really get good sessions and ofcourse lots of networking with the techies and last but not the least lots of fun. So what are you waiting for register yourself and grab the opportunity of becoming a Camper.

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